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Glue painter

Speed painter with glue and glitters consists in creating the portrait of a person of your choice in just a few minutes with only glue and sparkles.

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He will execute all kind of tricks till the last one where he shoots the arrow straight into the apple above his head!

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Cartoon comedy

These two mime artists are very innovative and creative and will make you laugh for a while.

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Electricity Gods

Two artists, dressed in metal suits enter the stage area and interact with the power of the electricity.

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Top quality performers and shows

We offer you upscale performers and shows for your events.

Our artistic agency and show agency is specialized in providing performers and shows for your unique events worldwide.

Whereas you are an agency, a TV producer, or a show-business professional, we will do our best to find the performer, show or entertainment that you need.

We work all over the world and we now have an important catalog of over 2 000 performers spread worldwide.

Do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for as we certainly have it!


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